Acne Detox: The Answer to your Acne Problems

Toxins are introduced to your body every day. A lot of people claim that acne is caused by these toxins that are eliminated through your skin’s pores. But are these toxins the real cause of acne? Finding the real cause of acne is very tricky. As a matter of fact, even acne researchers do not know the real cause of acne. The cause of acne remains unknown up to this day. However, I must disagree with the idea of toxins causing acne. They may play a role in the acne formation but the truth is acne is triggered by a combination of factors. To help you understand acne and whether or not acne detox can clear away your blemishes, let us take a closer look at how acne is formed.

The acne causing bacteria also known as the P. Acnes bacteria is often blamed for acne outbreaks. However, contrary to what most people believe, the acne bacteria cannot cause acne alone. It is the combination of over active sebaceous glands, clumped up dead skin cells and the response of your immune system that causes acne to grow like mushrooms after the rain.

The acne bacteria are considered as one of the microorganisms that lives inside your pores and can also be found on the surface of your skin. Take note, even those who are not suffering from acne has a healthy colony of acne causing bacteria in their skin.

The problem starts when acne bacteria is trapped inside your pores. Normally, the sebum produced by your oil glands are not water soluble. However, the acne bacteria has its way of converting it as fatty acids in order for them to replicate. Your pores have a passage to the surface to allow the oil produced y your sebaceous glands to pass through and protect your skin from dryness. However, dead skin cells sometimes stick together to form a plug thereby trapping the oil, and bacteria inside your pores.

As these bacteria replicate, your body will sense that there is an overgrowth of the acne bacteria in your pores and as usual, your immune system will try to stop the replication process and kill these acne bacteria. The redness, and swelling and later on pus formation is a result of your body’s natural defense against these acne bacteria.

Toxins on the other hand can be related to the acne formation because it lowers down your immune system dulling your immune responses and causing your immune system to over react to the bacterial over growth inside your pores.


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